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What is Smart Pricing Table?

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A Powerful System

Built for Efficiency

Smart Pricing Table is straightforward, easy-to-use proposal software.

Reusable Line Items

Why reinvent the wheel? Identify patterns and build out robust line items that can be used over and over.

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Powerful Templates

Comprised of content sections and your own list of line items. Templates allow you to build proposals in a snap.

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Interactive Proposals

Empower your prospect with optional line items and line item upsells. When they're done, just e-sign and your ready to deliver!

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Easy deployment, intuitive interface

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Empower Prospects
Line Item Upsells

Prospects hate back and forth. With optional line items and line item upsells, put the power in the hand of your customer.

Scale Prices with Ease
Discounts & Price Adjustments

Easily scale your prices with discounts and price increases to cover risk, unforeseen challenges and busy seasons.

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"No longer the days of tedious static proposals. SPT makes drafting proposals a breeze, and the line item modifications allow for effortless upsells. Couldn't live without it!"


"Smart Pricing Table is the solution our business was looking for. We wanted an easy way to quickly provide clients a detailed proposal with a sophisticated presentation. The interactive options have helped our conversion rate by empowering our clients.
Highly recommend using SPT for your business!"

Julie Spain, president @inConcert Web Solutions, Inc.

"Smart Pricing Table has completely changed the way we send proposals. Clients find it easy to use, and I appreciate the time and resources it saves me and my team. We are thrilled to have this product in our toolbox!"

Stuart Amidon, CEO @Page50

"Smart Pricing Table makes it easy to keep track of proposals and make changes. The program is simple to learn, and you can see analytics on several levels. The team is very responsive to questions or issues. You will be thrilled with this proposal software!"

Bretta Provost, Brand Specialist @Wake Media Group
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