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Product Features

Powerful Features - No Bloat

Smart Pricing Table gives you the features you need without creating an overly complicated system.

Be up and creating proposals for your agency in no time.

Quick & Efficient

Features that help you sell faster

Proposal writing doesn't have to be a pain, it can be fun.

No, we're serious.

With Smart Pricing Table, everything is built for speed and reusability. Don't keep doing the same work over and over; build a powerful system.

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Reusable Line Item Library

Do you find yourself needing to reference old proposals constantly? With our platform, you're building a robust system where reuse is the name of the game.

Discounts & Price Adjustments

Need to add a discount? Or perhaps a bit extra to cover your risks? Easy peasy with Smart Pricing Table.

In-App Proposal Sending

Send proposals quickly, right from our app, or use a custom link.

"Prior to this had had lengthy proposals and this simplified the entire process - I'm closing more deals because of it. I just wish I had found it earlier.

Ryan Redmond, CEO, Cold Outreach Systems

"My clients love using the product. It's simplified our proposal process times ten. Some of my clients have even started utilizing the software!"

Stuart Amidon, Owner/CEO, Page50 Marketing and Media
EmpoweR Your Prospects

Powerful Line Items

Create consistency across your agency sales process with streamlined and reusable line items.

Ability to set as optional

Expand/collapse for scalable content

"Save to Library" feature

Line item upsells

One time and recurring


Build Momentum

Reusable Templates

Have a project type that you regularly see in your business? Create a template for quick and easy proposal creation.

Integrate tokens to save time

Save proposals as templates

Duplicate templates

"We can now produce a proposal and have it reviewed & executed by our prospect in 20% of the time we used to spend."

Stone Reuning, President, SEO Advantage

"This platform is a game changer for us and an incredible time saver. We've been looking for this solution for over 8 years!"

Paul Weinstein, General Manager, wheelhouse/dmg
Don't Miss a Beat

Fully Responsive Proposals

Our proposals come mobile-friendly out of the box.

Keep it simple, keep it easy.

Connect & Conquer


Need visibility in your CRM? We have you covered!

Current support for Hubspot & Pipedrive (more coming soon!)

Easily navigate between platforms

Deal amounts updated automatically

Auto closing when a proposal is won

Pull CRM data into SPT when creating a proposal

Get our Free Guide:

The Profitable Proposal Blueprint

What you Get

More Features

We're constantly investing in our software to bring you the features you love.

Electronic Signatures

Proposal PDF Export/Printing

Custom Proposal Content + Images

Design Options

Rich Text Editor

Top-level Price Indicator

Custom Branding

Proposal Analytics

Open Notifications

Desktop/Mobile Preview

Account Setup Call

In-app Chat Support

Email Support

Phone Support (Plus & Pro Plans)

Training Video Library

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