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Product Features

Powerful Features - No Bloat

Smart Pricing Table gives you the features you need without creating an overly complicated system.

Be up and creating proposals in no time.

Quick & Efficient

Features that help you sell faster

Proposal writing doesn't have to be a pain, it can be fun.

No, we're serious.

With Smart Pricing Table, everything is built for speed and reusability. Don't keep doing the same work over and over; build a powerful system.

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Reusable Line Item Library

Do you find yourself needing to reference old proposals constantly? With our platform, you're building a robust system where reuse is the name of the game.

Discounts & Price Adjustments

Need to add a discount? Or perhaps a bit extra to cover your risks? Easy peasy with Smart Pricing Table.

In-App Proposal Sending

Send proposals quickly, right from our app, or use a custom link.

EmpoweR Your Prospects

Powerful Line Items

Create consistency across your sales process with streamlined and reusable line items.

Ability to set as optional

Expand/collapse for scalable content

"Save to Library" feature

Line item upsells

One time and recurring


Build Momentum

Reusable Templates

Have a project type that you regularly see in your business? Create a template for quick and easy proposal creation.

Integrate tokens to save time

Save proposals as templates

Duplicate templates

Don't Miss a Beat

Fully Responsive Proposals

Our proposals come mobile-friendly out of the box.

Keep it simple, keep it easy.

Get our Free Guide:

The Profitable Proposal Blueprint

What you Get

More Features

We're constantly investing in our software to bring you the features you love.

Electronic Signatures

Proposal PDF Export/Printing

Custom Proposal Content + Images

Design Options

Rich Text Editor

Top-level Price Indicator

Custom Branding

Proposal Analytics

Open Notifications

Desktop/Mobile Preview

Account Setup Call

In-app Chat Support

Email Support

Phone Support (Plus & Pro Plans)

Training Video Library

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